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The Insurance Regulatory Authority is a statutory government agency established under the Insurance Act CAP 487  of the Laws of Kenya to regulate, supervise and develop the insurance industry. It is governed by a Board of Directors which is vested with the fiduciary responsibility overseeing operations of the Authority and ensuring that they are consistent with provisions of the Insurance Act.

The Authority is the successor of the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance which came into existence with the enactment of the Insurance Act, CAP 487 in 1986.  Prior to this, insurance regulation was based on the UK legislation under the Companies Act 1960.

In executing our mandate, we adhere to the core principles of objectivity, accountability and transparency in promoting not only compliance with the Insurance Act and other legal requirements by insurance/reinsurance companies and intermediaries but also sound business practices. We therefore practice regulation and supervision that enables industry players to be innovative and entrepreneural.  Bearing in mind industry differences in terms of size, extent and complexity, necessitating changes in operating and investment decisions helps cut down on compliance costs. Since in the long run, this has impacts on productivity and growth of the insurance sector, the Authority deploys significant resources in monitoring market behaviors, compliance and solvency issues.

In line with the Insurance Act, the functions of IRA are to:

The Authority works collectively and individually with Industry players in achieving the following fundamental insurance regulatory objectives:

  1. Ensure compliance by insurance/reinsurance companies and  intermediaries with legal requirements and sound business practices;
  2. Promote voluntary compliance;
  3. Set clear objectives and standards of intervention for insurance/reinsurance companies and  intermediaries or type of intervention;
  4. Protect consumers and promote high degree of security for policyholders;
  5. Promote efficient, fair, safe and stable markets;
  6. Maintain the confidence of consumers in the market;
  7. Ensure insurance/reinsurance companies and  intermediaries remain operationally viable and solvent; and
  8. Establish a transparent basis for timely, appropriate and consistent supervisory intervention, including enforcement.
The IRA Management is committed to upholding the highest standard of ethics. Please report corruption practises by sending an email to