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The Authority has for the past six years partnered with KFS to help restore the degraded Mangrove Forest and so far, has planted over 47,000 mangrove tree seedlings, with an impressive rate of over 90%. As a responsible organization, the team was led by Board Chair Moses Njenga, Board members and Godfrey Kiptum, IRA Commissioner of Insurance and CEO in participating in the Authority's annual mangrove reforestation initiative at the Big Ship mangrove conservancy site in Ganahola, Mikindani, Mombasa County on 7th June 2024.

The Authority collaborating with the Kenya Forest Service (KFS), Big Ship Community Based Organisation and the Ganahola community jointly planted 12,000 mangrove shoots in a bid to further restore dilapidated sections of the mangrove forests dotting the section of the Indian Ocean coastline. Since inking the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Kenya Forest Service in 2019, the Authority has continuously restored sections of the degraded mangrove site in Ganahola, Mikindani ward.

In his remarks, Mr. Kiptum thanked the Big Ship Conservancy and Ganahola communities for partnering with the Authority and KFS to safeguard the delicate mangrove forest since 2019. He emphasized the importance of the activity and Authority’s alignment to the Government’s ambitious agenda to plant 1.5 billion trees by 2023, to reduce greenhouse emissions, halt and reverse deforestation, and restore 5.1 million hectares of degraded landscapes, as outlined in the African Landscape Restoration Initiative launched on December 22, 2022.

On his part, the Board Chair Mr. Moses Chege, highlighted the importance of conserving mangrove forests for climate resilience noting the role of mangrove ecosystems as one of the largest carbon sinks on Earth. He also spoke on the success of the restoration efforts owing to the expansive sections of forests at the site, which have also provided a source of livelihood for the community and environs. He also reiterated the Authority’s commitment to protecting and restoring the vital ecosystems.

Kenya Forest Service Mombasa County Conservator Mr. Wekesa, who was present, lauded the Authority for a job well done in the fight against climate change, particularly through the mangrove reforestation initiative.
In his remarks, he appreciated the success of the initiative noting that this was possible through a holistic approach from the Authority, KFS and the forest community. He assured the Authority of the Service’s support in partnering in the reforestation initiative, as per the MoU’s terms and conditions.

Big Ship Conservancy CBO represented by Ms. Susan noted the timeliness of the tree planting exercise. She highlighted this year’s World Environment Day’s theme which revolved around environmental stewardship amidst recent floods and cyclones which recently hit Tanzania’s coastline exposing the population to imminent disaster. She also thanked the Authority for being a steadfast supporter of Big Ship’s mission of the site’s restoration and reclamation efforts.

The planting exercise formed part of the Authority’s activities to commemorate World Environment Day which is celebrated on 5th June every year.

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